A woman is wearing a skirt, summer all new listing, it seems that women can not satisfy the greedy heart. Women pursue fashion, simple, soft, ordinary personality does not show the psychological requirements, interpretation of a unique aesthetic taste and aesthetic language. SKOFF Poetry Ke Fu women always pay attention to women's psychological changes, coupled with the feminine design elements, simple, soft, attention to detail embellishment, to create a perfect combination of fashion leisure and professional clothing series, across the board to meet a woman's dressing requirements.


SKOFF poetry Ke Fu women summer new, a lot of style dress, and novel, Xiao Bian here recommended one of the white pleated dress series. This jumpsuit skirt, pure white color is attractive enough, wavy lace cut cuffs hanging down to the waist, chest lace over the upper body, to bring the sequined embellishment and flowers with full Madonna's shy, Of course, gentleman Classic pleated elements appear in the skirt part, double lace up the playful moving it.

经典百褶裙 SKOFF诗柯芙白衣飘飘舞动夏日

This pleated dress looks Xianqi full, the upper body covered with lace mesh to the waist, shoulder lace cuffs around the part, there is a retro extravagance, three-dimensional full of the whole body. Large pleated skirts are free to disperse, tidy skirt tailoring is the lady style.

White Tealight Candle In Plastic Bag

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White Tealight Candle In Plastic Bag

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