Overwhelming the printing so that this summer is no longer monotonous, plain printing exposed exotic, feminine show your hands and feet between the show, light Mature favorite large print, retains a unique and fresh. This season of tricks, with colorful colors and a wide range of flowers decorate your wardrobe. People rely on clothes, Buddha by gold. Different styles of clothing will bring a different experience and mood every day.

依妙 - emu

Flirtatious see-through tulle collimates with gorgeous geometric prints, giving the traditional sleeveless dress a touch of stylish colors, compact Slim package hip skirt, so you hot and attractive in the summer. Fresh and delicious color blend close fit tight cut, let this new summer wear colorful and fun summer.


Chiffon printed stitching, with a strong summer color, random and distinctive lotus hem, showing a unique lady charm, Slim profile, with a proud figure. This up and down the same color printing with a single product, the summer vibrant colors and self-cultivation of the perfect blend of tailoring, sketched out an elegant and colorful beauty case.

    Waist Interlining is a kind of woven  interlining ,specially used in waist of the trousers and skirt . It can make the waist fabric hard ,skid resistance,and setting the pattern .

    It can be cutted to strip ,maybe 20mm ,or 30mm or 50mm to fit the clothes size . 



Waist Interlining

Waist Interlining,Black Waist Interlining,Non Fusible Waist Interlining,TC Waist Interlining

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