Leading Words: In autumn and winter of 2013, uniform military uniforms are always difficult to control for those who like to highlight femininity. In fact, trying to wear feminine clothes in military style is not difficult. The main point is to rationally mix uniform elements with feminine elements. The sturdy military uniform short skirt is paired with a feminine half-skirt, complemented by soft shades that further strengthen the feminine side. The use of a few laces in the coats weakened the toughness of the uniform, combined with improved slim dresses and feminine retro earrings. Some of them can easily highlight feminine feminine tones and accessories.

In every woman’s mind, the image of a heroic and heroic soldier makes them admire the cast. Therefore, they fall in love with the dress styles of various military personnel, thus creating a handsome military uniform girl. For example, a series of military elements such as double-breasted coats, large collars, and heavy boots are all derived from the uniforms of soldiers. In rigorous military uniforms, designers also boldly join in innovative fashion designs, using representative khaki or navy blue as a backdrop. The soldier’s calm, using elegant accessories or fluorescent colors and other layers of color, uniform interpretation of military uniforms into a tailored coat, jacket, dress, combined with details such as brass buckles, functional pockets and army badges to show women in A chic and elegant alternative sexy dress in military clothing.

2013秋冬女装趋势 军旅格调 (图1)

T-Taiwan demonstration of the 2013 new military storm in autumn and winter storm military style is one of the major trends in the 2013 autumn and winter T-Taiwan, crisp and tough Slim jacket, camouflage printed jacket and dark green loose trousers can be seen everywhere. The handsome and free-spirited uniform style is blended with the feminine flavor to create a tough, gentle and hard-tempered temperament that is perfect for both men and women. 3.1 Phillip Lim uses the Eskimo vintage totem to highlight the mystery of the military style in the military style; Prabal Gurung's entire series is more direct, allowing one to interpret the concept of sexy and tough mix of the season; Karen Walker will boldly jump. Color and military green collision greatly enhanced the sense of military style.

2013秋冬女装趋势 军旅格调 (图2)

Editor's Pick: The most inspiring military style items, including military jackets, dresses, and leggings, can evoke the strength of a woman's heart, especially in this season, the jacket has slowly begun to shelves, the mainstream of this season is still The handsome uniform jacket, its simple color, elegant temperament, is suitable for the fall of bleak. What are the new feelings of this year's military uniform element? The solid fabric combines uniform elements, and the waistband's body creates a new waist profile that resembles a custom-made garment-like quality, giving the uniform style an experimental blend of harmony and Crash, create a unique fashion trend.

2013秋冬女装趋势 军旅格调 (图3)

Prabal Gurung

2013秋冬女装趋势 军旅格调 (图4)

3.1 Phillip Lim Editor's Recommended Style TOP1 - Retro Totem Printing The military style of the previous years is still military green, although in recent years there have been many brands that have launched khaki, beige, etc. to try to break the serious stereotypes of the military, but compared to this year The embroidered totem is obviously a lot worse. Prabal Gurung and 3.1 Phillip Lim invariably chose the Indian-style and palace-style embroidery prints. The overall design is elegant and more mysterious.

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