SOGNI KIDS originated in Hong Kong. Eight years as a prestigious children's wear brand in Hong Kong, SOGNI KIDS has established a strong brand presence in the mainland branded children's wear market. In recent years, children's wear brand market continues to grow, all types of children's wear brands have opened up the boundaries. However, when a large number of children's wear brand recruiting, opening up territories, how many franchisees in the profit. In particular, some children's clothing market in the black sheep, poor quality children's clothing to deceive consumers and franchisees. SOGNI KIDS Throughout the past few years, China's children's wear market, why shop profitability so low. Most importantly, many children's wear brands are lucky when choosing franchisees. They tend to join the low-threshold high temptation to join the franchisee, nominally reduced the threshold for joining, in essence, no support after joining. SOGNI KIDS adhere to the brand line, adhere to open a shop to fully support a store profit. In 2013, Zhuowei Le deepening franchise stores direct route, that is, with the support of direct sales stores to support the franchise. However, SOGNI KIDS Zhuowei Le adhere to the brand line, we believe that: to strengthen the selection of franchisees, is responsible for the consumer, it is responsible for the franchisee. SOGNI KIDS Zhuowei Le music that, in line with the following conditions, in order to become a good Chow Wei Le children's wear business partners. 1 . The degree of brand understanding and understanding. Only the franchisee and your concept of consistency, there is no barrier to communication, the cooperation has Tsuen. If you can not understand each other, you should spend a lot of time explaining that such cooperation is without long-term space for development. . Whether there is the ideal shop. If the franchisees have ready-made shops and the market is good, you can immediately start the business. Apparel retail "time is profit," spelling is speed. 3. Good management experience. For franchisees who have the experience of retail apparel, you can save a lot of pre-training and many other processes, get started quickly, and will give you feedback. 4. A certain financial basis. Pre-opening shop to a large number of shop funds, including advertising promotional costs advertising brand. For well-funded franchisees, there is no cash flow problems, can quickly replenishment, to complete more sales. 5. Management practices. Of course, it would be easier to work with a self-employed and a couple-owned franchisee for a regular company that is well equipped and regulated. 6. Business philosophy is clear. To some extent franchisees also count as apparel retailers, he should first clear "retail is king" concept.

About Our Taper Candles
Our taper candles are long, elegant candles that narrow from a slightly wider base to a conical tip. We offer a variety of sizes, from 6" to 39", with the base of the candle sized to fit into most standard candle-holders. You can purchase taper candles in pairs or in boxes of twelve, and some colors are available in a ½" version.

Why Choose Taper Candles?
We hand-make taper candles using our proprietary wax blend. They are made in small batches to ensure consistent high quality during the dipping and pouring process, and a slow burn that is smokeless and dripless. Our taper candles are also scentless, with the exception of beeswax.

Décor Inspiration
Taper candles can be used for many occasions. Try black and white tapers to create an elegant dinner party, bright colors for a social get-together, and match colors to your wedding theme. You can even use them to make an ordinary night in feel a little more special.

Our Taper Candle Colors
All the sizes and styles of taper candles you see here are available in a wide range of artisan colors that we update as trends evolve.

Simply select the size of candle you need to see all the available colors.

Taper Candle

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