I believe even if you do not watch the show, in the supermarkets are also experienced the wave of the popular. ZARA, Mango this season launched a lot of wave point dress and T-shirt. In fact, with the wave is not difficult, just find a good fit for their own color, even if the wear will be very exciting. The most easy to wear than the red and black, and come and see!


(Source: Ping Ye 2013 summer new product)

Black waves set off on the red base, Puff gives a very sweet impression. Simple dress design is like walking out from the black and white movie in general, full of retro charm.

浓浓复古风情 红与黑最搭调的波点搭配

(Source: Ping Ye 2013 summer new product)

Polka Dot dress aside the monotonous design pattern, this straight skirt wave point skirt, stitching in the upper body black sequins brassiere, with a small shawl even more refined at the same time, without losing that a capable temperament.

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