The purple, which is famous for its nobleness, has always given people a feeling of ignorance. Whenever and wherever, the ever-changing purple, crystal clear as a frozen dew, has always been the favorite of women. Purple jade jewelry, full of romance and mystery, is a delusion and aftertaste. Violet jade is an excellent variety of the jade family, and the value of high-grade violet jade is second only to emerald green jade.

The jewellery industry refers to violet as “椿” or “spring color”. The purple of this jade is generally lighter. The “spring color” can be divided into high, medium and low grades according to color. They are divided into red spring and purple. Spring and blue spring, red spring value is higher, purple spring is slightly lower, if you get the blue spring of strange pile (blue jade), the price change will have greater flexibility, although it is not the best, but it is the jade collector We are willing to cherish the variety. Therefore, as long as it is a violet, it must be worth the money. It must be a top grade. It must also be comprehensively evaluated in combination with quality indicators such as texture, transparency, and craft production level.

The purple color on the jade is generally not deep. The jadeite is divided into purple purple, eggplant purple and blue purple according to the shade of purple. The purple purple usually has fine texture and good transparency, followed by purple purple and blue purple. Generally, the texture is thicker, and it can also be called purple bean.

"Red, green, green and purple is expensive" is a saying that Aiyu people often hang on their lips. The unique "Violet" variety in Jadeite is gradually being influenced by the world, especially female consumers, with its moist, elegant and intellectual nature. attention. The purple scorpion is like a girl who is raised in the deep, exudes a unique and elegant charm...

In the ancient Chinese introduction, purple was the color of Chinese Taoism and the worship of ancient emperors. The so-called "purple air east" and "purple clothes" are the portrayal of purple status. Violet's jewelry is like a haze, expensive, like a noble. Perhaps because of this, the violet jade jewelry is especially favored by women in the East and West.

Violet species of jade, seen under the general yellow light, will appear purple deeper, it is best to look at the natural light of the standard sunny day when purchasing. Emeralds with fine texture, high transparency and deep purple are hard to find.

When distinguishing the authenticity of purple emerald color, first observe it with a magnifying glass or a microscope, and carefully observe the characteristics of the purple distribution, the relationship between the color and the jadeite structure (crystal, crack, etc.). If it is artificially dyed, the color along the jade grain micro-crack Infiltration, there is accumulation in the loose structure, the concentration of color, from the surface and inside or to the sides of the crack becomes light; if it is natural color, the color is more uniform, there is no accumulation of colored roots, cracks and loose places.

Artificially dyed violet jade, both shades and shades, purple dyes are generally manganese salts, jadeite colored by manganese ions, no reaction under the Charles filter. It can be observed by means of UV lamp (ultraviolet fluorescent lamp). Natural purple jadeite generally has no fluorescence reaction under ultraviolet light; while dyed purple jade has obvious fluorescence under ultraviolet light.

The jargon says that "the powder is not high," and the "powdered ground" here refers to the light purple "violet", meaning that the violet jade does not grow with the high-grade jade with the color of green and fine texture. Why is it so far? It is still an unexplained mystery.

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