Coral jade is 3-5 billion years ago. Due to the high temperature and high pressure caused by volcanic eruptions in the ocean for a long time, the corals in the shallow sea gradually evolved and jade formed. Their common feature is the incarnation of coral polyps, all with a colorful and beautiful appearance. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, coral jade has gradually become a favorite of those who love jewelry. Good quality, large size can be carved into a variety of works of art, small can be made into beads, pendants, bracelets, safety buckles and other small accessories, more and more popular and sought after. Currently. No matter whether it is Taiwan's coral jade or Ningqiang coral jade, the prices of fine products and best products are rising steadily.


Let's briefly talk about the main differences between the two:

First, the origin is different

Taiwan's coral jade is mainly produced in Ameixi, Hualien County, Taiwan, and the estuary of Xiugusuxi, and the mouth of Sanfuqiao Creek in Taitung County, Changbin Bay and Indonesia, and because of the excessive excavation in the history of coral reefs in Taiwan, At present, the output is small and more collectible. Ningqiang coral jade is mainly produced in the area of ​​Zhongzi Town and Wangcang County in the Chaotian District of Sichuan Province in the Ningqiang County of Hanzhong and the border with Ningqiang.

Second, the pattern is different

The main signature feature of Taiwan's coral jade pattern is the ice chrysanthemum pattern, which is ever-changing, the color is smooth, and the flower shape is regular. Ningqiang coral jade has a variety of patterns, mainly divided into fine lines, rough lines, vortex lines, four-shot singles and other major categories, while fine lines are especially beautiful with fingerprints and small stars; rough lines mainly include honeycombs and snowflakes. , pomegranate seeds, etc.

Third, the color is different

The color of Taiwan's coral jade is varied and varied. The main colors are red, yellow, green, gold and black. The common color is warm. Ningqiang coral jade, the main color is red, yellow, white, green, and its derived color is more uniform.

Fourth, the hardness, the degree of jade and the use of different

The Mohs hardness of Ningqiang coral jade is between 3.5 and 4.2, and the degree of jade is general; while the Mohs hardness of Taiwan coral jade is between 6 and 7, the degree of jade is better. Therefore, Ningqiang coral jade is more suitable for large ornaments, while Taiwan coral jade is more suitable for bracelets, pendants and other accessories.

Five, different ingredients

The main component of Taiwan coral jade is silica, which has a similar composition to agate, while Ningqiang coral jade is a calcium carbonate jade.

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