What are the 18k gold necklace styles? Today, Xiaobian will introduce it to everyone. Come and see which one you like.

18k gold necklace style and introduction:

Style 1: water ripple chain

The beautiful and touching heart seems to be the best description of this water-corrugated 18K gold necklace. The design element is mainly composed of water ripple road. The silky soft necklace is gently wrapped around the neck, which brings out the female. Sweet and temperament. The sleek necklace is suitable for girls with a claw face or an oval face, which makes the woman's light and playful taste more prominent.

Style 2: Chopin chain

The style of Chopin chain is four-folded with the buckle shape of the necklace. This design makes the chain more three-dimensional, and makes the necklace feel a tough feeling. The simple style is not generous and shows a kind of female. The charm of the calm atmosphere seems to show a calm and calm side in any unexpected situation. The girl with a round face wears the Chopin chain to strengthen the lines of the face, making the entire face more distinct and three-dimensional.

Style three: pearl chain

The round pearl shape is interlocking, cute and lively, beautiful and natural, the unique style of fashion is born, the modern design makes the necklace more dynamic, and the necklace with lubricious brilliance is a symbol of elegance. Add a gentle temperament to your neck. The style of the pearl chain is opposite to that of the Chopin chain. It is not suitable for girls with a round face. The girl with a pointed face wears a pearl chain, but it can just enrich the outline of the chin and make the whole face look more harmonious.

Style 4: twisted sub-chain

The fine texture is the original feeling of most people on the twisted sub-chain. It is indeed a chain design with a fine diamond-like brilliance. Combined with the beautiful 18K gold, it is a clever interpretation of the sparkling and dynamic glamour of the glittering atmosphere. The twisted sub-chain is a kind of feminine temperament. Girls with smaller faces are particularly suitable for wearing these 18K gold necklaces.

The above is the introduction of the 18k gold necklace style. Which one do you prefer?

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