Winter cold can not stop the enthusiasm of the signing of Nona Nali women, congratulations Nona Nali women added new members, congratulations Nanning, Guangxi Wangfujing Chen sister and non-Na Li women signed a successful contract! China Beauty Network in advance wish Chen sister business is booming! Financial sources wide into! After the opening of non-Wo Nali women will be sent to you all kinds of autumn and winter clothes, hope the new and old customers a lot of time!


Nuona Li Women under the Dongguan Nuona Li Clothing Co., Ltd, is a focus on women aged 22-40 designed urban ladies brand, founded the development over the years, with its unique design style, simple and smooth lines, rich Color and exquisite tailoring and elegant fashion style, but by the fashion city women's favorite and favor. Nona Nui Li women pay attention to the fashion and the real wear, so that every one wearing a noni Nuoli fashionable women, whether it is work, rest or gathering, will make people around feel the wearer's self-confidence and beauty.


Now, Norai Li women's clothing in order to enhance brand awareness, for the national hot investment joining in, if you also intend to join Noni women's clothing, welcome to call for details Join information! Nuona Li women, the achievement of your dreams, even if you are a woman, you can also have a greater career than men! hurry up! Nuona Li women, look forward to your joining!

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