Adjustable underwear mainly uses elastic material to excess fat, the use of the body's natural movement and burn some consumption, and then use the principle of fat movement, respectively, the excess fat pressure, pushed to the breast and buttocks, modified the perfect curve. For those who are flat, but also need to adjust the effectiveness of underwear, the use of the principle of fat migration, the armpit, back, belly fat concentrated in the chest, the thigh, lateral fat lift fixed In the buttocks, to create an exquisite figure.


Female body problems often encountered

There are no natural clothes racks in the world. Almost everyone has body problems. Some people are full, some people are relatively flat, need to use external force to adjust, and we are surrounded by many factors, such as the aging of muscular tissue, gravity, etc., with age, our measurements will be flexible Tired, loose sagging and so on. The most obvious is the drooping of the breasts and buttocks, the slimming of the waist and abdomen, the growth of the belly fat and so on. Among them, the drooping of the females is the most serious (about 20 degrees on average every ten years).

Protect the normal development of body

Choose to wear the right fit underwear, for young girls in development is crucial, choose the right underwear not only on the growth of the body can play a correct role in guiding the formation of a beautiful chest, but also to some extent Protect the normal development of the skeleton, and prevent the skeleton bending and so on.

How to choose tailored

The face of a wide range of underwear, as a consumer, you should first understand the advantages and disadvantages of their own body, and then for their own needs to choose the most suitable product. In addition, each lingerie has its own different features and functions, cutting inappropriate, size is not correct, inappropriate wearing methods, etc., will virtually destroy your body, so we must pay attention.

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