Gabriel underwear efforts to create underwear fashion, improve the quality of life, change the old wearing habits, promote health, comfort, nature of the new concept, pay attention to close personal feeling. 2012 autumn and winter new products have been grandly listed! 2012 autumn and winter, Gabriel underwear with exquisite embroidery, more humane design, more comfortable wearing experience, leading the trend of underwear!


Gabriel underwear 2012 autumn and winter new grand grand

Gabriel underwear and underwear brands at home and abroad compared to the design, quality has its own characteristics. Compared with these brands, Bailian has its own advantages. Since its production, Bailian has a growth rate of more than 40% in the domestic market each year and has been generally accepted by consumers in China.

In addition to its parent company, Shanghai Bailey Group has set up branches in Beijing, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Hangzhou and Northeast China. There are over a dozen agents throughout the country, more than 140 counters and specialty stores, and has a good market foundation and Brand awareness.


Gabriel underwear 2012 autumn and winter new grand grand

Gabriel not only pays attention to the beautiful appearance of underwear, but also keeps pace with the international fashion. More emphasis is put on the comfort and functionality of the products. Special attention is paid to breathable, absorbent and perspiration elastic fabrics to perfectly combine underwear design art with technology.

Gabriel always pays attention to product quality, and is listed as a Mianjian Inspection and Quarantine company by Japan's MITI. Gabriel Group is ISO9000 quality assurance system certification, production, sales, service and other sectors, provide a full range of quality assurance.

Gabriel Group will continue to create a new culture of women's underwear, all sectors of society continue to provide women with quality products and services for a better tomorrow!

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