Warmly congratulate Y.CMD Guangxi Nanning Xinhua Road Pedestrian Street flagship store on August 8th grand opening!

YCMD Yingcaimei 2012 New Flagship Store Image

The store is the first Y.CMD new store image flagship store in Nanning. The overall design of the store was created by a famous Korean designer. The main and minor colors of the store were matched with the perfect combination of solid wood and wrought iron. The combination of simplicity, atmosphere, and fashion made Y.CMD. CMD's new product style more perfectly interprets the "Europe fast fashion" fashion trend. YCMD Ying Caimei to join: http://

YCMD Yingcai Beauty Shop Women's Wear Display Area

YCMD Yingcai Beauty Shop Men's Display Area

YCMD Yingcai Beauty Shop Cowboy Display Area

YCMD Ying Cai Mei Di Cultural Wall

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