Financial crisis, inflation, profit decline ... Underwear market competition more and more fierce, even if a well-known underwear brand quality products alone can not meet the diverse needs of consumers. As the first brand of Chinese underwear for healthy underwear Love Baby, since its inception, always adhere to the "360 for women to provide care for the" brand advocacy, consumer experience as a starting point to become highly respected female consumers lingerie brand.


Love yarn Baby adhering to the "people-oriented, customer first, quality first," the purpose of the brand, adhere to the "unqualified products firmly not factory" principle, in addition to the extremely strict requirements of raw materials, semi-finished products, finished underwear processing production and sales are Conduct full tracking and monitoring, strictly every good pass, to ensure that every indicator of an underwear fully meet the national standard.

As a professional adjustment underwear manufacturer, Love yarn Baby has always focused on product quality, focus on consumer services, consumer focus on the use of products experience, with avant-garde style, exquisite craftsmanship, reasonable prices and meticulous service, Comfortable customer experience and rapid warming, especially love yarn Baby Magic Bra not only has the effect of shaping the body, but also can promote breast blood circulation, prevention and elimination of various breast diseases, access to the state issued a utility model patent certificate, Quickly seize the commanding height of the adjustment underwear market, the market share of the top brands in the adjustment underwear, China's top ten influential brands have access to underwear industry, the first brand in China's regulatory underwear market competitiveness, the most favorite Chinese women's underwear consumers Well-known brands and other awards, recognition and adhesion in the underwear market is getting higher and higher.

Love yarn baby chief designer told reporters that a bra is not just dozens of pieces of fabric piecing together, it after more than 60 procedures and complex production processes to be completed, even if the shoulder strap width is also a little narrow difference will be great. The face of fierce market competition and more rational consumers, underwear business only in the elaborate on the article, the user experience first, in order to truly cater to the market, to meet the delicate female customers in your vision, touch , Psychological, sexy and other needs. For women, they not only keen on fashion, but also focus on product sharing, experience, enjoy, when they find a good product, is to share with the sisters, friends, so underwear business only fully consider Consumer clothing experience, in the choice of materials, design, cutting, processing, sales of every aspect of homework, in order to truly attract consumers, increase product loyalty.

Love yarn baby store elegant decoration, atmosphere, rich culture, especially the fitting room is more practical, decorative, fashion in one, giving a pleasant psychological experience, not only to meet the female consumers in the Shopping experience of the good, but also to fully experience the love of yarn baby brings comfort, fashion, elegant style. Because pleasure is a good psychological feelings of a person, more important than satisfaction, only the customer happy, satisfied, passionate, in order to have a good impression on the brand, to stimulate the desire to buy. Therefore, focusing on consumer psychology, emotional experience has become one of many smart marketing strategy. As the well-known economist Arashiro said: "The only way for Chinese apparel companies to survive is low price + personality + noble experience", and love yarn Baba customer focus on customer experience and practice consistent with the blue Lang view. No wonder the performance of Love yarn baby 20% annual rate of increase, like other underwear brand has always wanted to surpass Love yarn baby, the result can only look back, unable to shake Love yarn baby position.

This fabric is knitted by 100% Cotton yarn. Knitted fabrics have the characteristics of soft texture, moisture absorption, air permeability, sweating and warmth retention, and most of them have excellent elasticity and extensibility. Compared with shuttle fabrics, it has the characteristics of high output and suitable for small batch production. Knitted clothes are comfortable to wear, close to the body, free of restraint, and can fully reflect the human body curve.

Cotton Knitting Fabric

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