[This site - shoes and life] football games will not be canceled because of light rain, in fact, many golfers have tried to play in the heavy rain. If you're playing muddy courts and you're not as tall as Cristiano Ronaldo, it's important to know a little about how to maintain your soccer shoes. For football fans, it is necessary to clean the shoes once every two weeks.

1. In order to give the golfer a better experience, many shoes are very light and the leather is soft. Take care of your sneakers before starting the first kick. Apply a little bit of shoe polish and wipe with a soft cloth to allow the shoe polish to penetrate the leather. This shoe can be very waterproof. This is also called "Hi" shoes.

2. After the game, football shoes usually have sweat. Don't hurry to put the football shoes in the bag, let it dry and take it away. After going home, you can use cloth to clean dirt on the shoes, especially between the shoes and the sole. Using old toothbrushes can clean these gaps very well.

3. Some stubborn dirt can be wiped off with a damp cloth. It can also be cleaned with a special cleaning solution. Don't throw shoes into the washing machine.

4. If the shoes are soaked, remove the insole and rinse with water. Unfasten your shoelaces and stuff some wrinkled newspapers into your shoes. Newspapers can absorb water faster and help the shoes dry. Some people said that the newspaper can also maintain the shape of shoes. Someone said that using a mask to wipe shoes is said to have a good protective effect.

5. Dry the shoes in a dry and ventilated place. Do not expose the sneakers in the sun or blow them with a blower, as that will cause the shoes to crack.

Professional shoe polish

Few golfers will do this. However, after the shoes are cleaned, the shoe polish can enhance the flexibility of the leather and delay the aging of the leather. The same as the maintenance of shoes: Squeeze the shoe polish, evenly apply it to the upper, and immediately polish it with a soft cloth.

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