Ma and other entrepreneurs more than 40 entrepreneurs with "Chinese style" costume debut Annual Ma and other entrepreneurs have T stage catwalks annual meeting, careful people may notice, Liu Chuanzhi, Ma Yun, Huang Nubo and many other "big names" class entrepreneurs , Wearing clothing are very unique, so young "stand-collar suit", Liu Chuanzhi's "collarless suit" and so on, formal but yet Smart, or even style. According to Hua Wen, chairman of the Group introduced this year more than 40 entrepreneurs with the company's personalized clothing appearance, the future, into the ethnic elements of Yunnan's clothing line will be brought to the international brand. Chinese dressing philosophy: low-key luxury summer introduction, 2013 China Green Company Annual Meeting, Liu Chuanzhi, Jack Ma, Huang Nu Bo more than 40 Chinese entrepreneurs, dressed in the company are specially designed and produced by the " We have each of them prepared 2 sets, a suits, a set of business casual wear, each set of about a few thousand pieces of price. " She said that many members of the Chinese Entrepreneur Club are their "old customers." Ewen Group through the "fashion housekeeper" service model, training and long-term to provide them with personalized custom clothing. "Our clothing is characterized by low-key chic, with very good raw materials and chic design, and into the Chinese fashion elements." Xia Hua said that unlike in Europe, Chinese entrepreneurs hope that clothing can inadvertently reflect the unique feeling. "So many of our details are modest, probably on a button, which is the Chinese philosophy of dressing, hoping low-key luxury." She introduced, according to the text of the clothes designed for entrepreneurs, are with their temperament , Highly consistent personality. In the clothing features, she introduced the Chinese fashion elements is the most important feature. For example, this annual meeting, Xu Xiaonian wearing a small collar can better reflect the entrepreneur's lifestyle and individual needs. Different preferences, design clothes are different. Like Huang Nu-Bo loved embroidered on the clothes, "Sun Soul" LOGO, Jack Ma's clothing allows you to read at a glance his personality. Another important feature is hand-made, even a button is hand-carved. She said that Western clothing is mostly angular, and the Chinese philosophy of life is mellow, as is the quality of clothing. "For example, Ma Weihua always feel that the suit shoulder too hard, wearing uncomfortable, we specially gave him a special suit without shoulder pads, comfortable but still rigorous, suitable for a variety of formal occasions, he was very satisfied." Xia Hua said that Chinese entrepreneurs The pursuit of dress is still on the road, which needs to be slowly cultivated and changed. Yunnan elements will be introduced to the Chinese series of clothing elements, we have to talk about the ethnic culture in Yunnan. Xia Hua said that ethnic minorities naturally have a unique understanding of and pursuit of the United States. Many ethnic minority costumes in Yunnan are highly acclaimed in the international fashion industry. Elements of ethnic minorities in Yunnan, China is an emphasis on elements of fashion can not be ignored. "We plan to launch a line of apparel on Yunnan elements to the world, which is sure to be very popular." She said last year she led designers and artists to Pu'er, Yunnan Province, to be attracted by Wa ethnic darning and she attended A package brought by the annual conference is also made using the ethnic arts and crafts in Yunnan. In the future there will be more and more ethnic minorities in Yunnan, ethnic minorities craft into the brand of clothing. In addition, according to the text also involves life aesthetics, furniture and other products, such as Yunnan mango hand carving, the future will appear in their product ranks. "To look at these nationalities through the perspective of international designers will produce very good fashion products, which is the question of how international costumes and handicrafts should be internationalized."

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