" Oulanka " a story of Milan flower-related clothing brand , romantic and mysterious, her philosophy is the interpretation of oriental women. To optimistic and love the charm of life for the brand concept, fashion, elegant, fresh style, into the rich emotions and connotations, with dignified, independent, confident, elegant, fresh and harmonious as the design principle.

欧兰卡 - OlanKa

This skirt, spring, unique patterns and colors, and then painted with red lips, with the ancient woven hat, retro and elegant.

“欧兰卡 ”集欧美简洁时尚大气而揉入中国优雅之风格

Grass green, classic and elegant, the whole skirt uses this very ordinary and common grass green as the main color, while the skirt in the skirts added some light patterns, the lower part is a gradual way, so Will not look too rigid.

“欧兰卡 ”集欧美简洁时尚大气而揉入中国优雅之风格

Retro red, lace design, split legs, word collar flower embellishment, with a set of black high-heeled, this dress is that you can highlight the various aristocratic social temperament

“欧兰卡 ”集欧美简洁时尚大气而揉入中国优雅之风格

Beige and grass green with.

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