OlanKa Oulakka women's clothing will be the perfect combination of popularity, art, functionality, comfort, from the inside to the outside emphasize the quality and detail of the human design, exquisite choice of materials, user-friendly tailoring, exquisite workmanship, concise Bright style, very artistic pattern design, so that every one of the Oulanka fashion Turin show moving, very intrinsically expressive, highlighting the young and beautiful young women, fashion personality, to create a rich international, quality, personalized trendy style.

欧兰卡 - OlanKa

To the style of the United States and the feminine beauty, taste level as the basis, to fashion, health, skin-friendly fabrics as the foundation, together with the exquisite and strong combination of jewelry, simplicity and highlight the personality and vitality, elegance of luxury, inadvertently Between the details of the taste, the modern urban women's sensual, intellectual, rational multiple content performance most vividly.

OlanKa欧兰卡女装淡雅的奢华  在不经意间品味细节

Oulakka women's wear for the 25-40-year-old fashion sense of taste and taste of women and design, adhering to the European fashion, simple, casual design concept, personalized style, personalized cut, the soul of freedom, fashion and not Publicity, classic and non-conservative design style, for the modern women to extend a broader fashion dress space, high-end quality, medium and low price, sought after by more modern urban fashion women.

Denim is a thicker dyed twill weave, warp color deep, usually indigo, weft color is light, usually light gray or cooked after the white yarn. Also known as indigo cloth. Denim fabric according to fabric is divided into:1.Twill Denim 2.Broken Twill Denim 3.Rib Denim 4.Jacquard Denim 5.Plain Denim

Denim is a kind of coarse cotton gauze, specifically used to make jeans. Denim was originally only blue, initially only used as canvas, but now has a variety of different colors, can be used to match the different clothing.


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