Hot summer you want to get into the impulse to get into the refrigerator, the show is also fashion women only ice cream girl, sweet and icy like ice cream, summer to see the cool, to see the beautiful, all in the eyes, Beauty in the heart, the girls want to be a sweet girl, so confident to follow.


Chiffon shirts, dresses, shorts, these are all necessities, maybe some girls afraid of tan but also bring a Western-style woven cap, summer double play dress, chiffon shirt with chiffon shorts, with the color of the match , People feel like a whole set of personalized fashion layer of transparent gauze decorated with cents and beautiful style, so full of charm of the girl.

秀亦时尚女装 只做冰激凌女孩那么甜蜜

Fresh and bright dress is the new darling of the summer, today's trend is a small fresh line, reduced age style doll chiffon shirt with a blue irregular skirts, beveled folds to show irregular personality, summer wear out young , Wear a sweet sense.

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