The myth that man and jade, jade and man are intertwined into one is "Dream of Red Mansions". It is also called "Stone of Stones". In the stone of Tiantian, the extra stone, for many years, absorbs the essence between heaven and earth. Tongling Baoyu, falling into the world, is destined to experience a love affair in the world.

His other partner is the dew-like 绛珠仙草.

That jade is a symbol of men and a nostalgia for the entire Stone Age. That grass is a woman’s memory, and it is a memory of the flooded forest.

Mr. Jing An's interpretation of the jade in "Dream of Red Mansions", saying "Jade" or "Desire" is not wrong. The names of the characters in the "Dream of Red Mansions" always have their extraordinary masters, such as Baoyu, Daiyu, Miaoyu and Ruby, each with their different life desires. It’s just that the desire can be interpreted as the want in English. It is a kind of uneasiness, a kind of need, it is the lingering of the ignorance, the bleakness of the happiest time, the shortcoming of the most perfect, it is not understood by oneself. The embarrassment is to greet the greed of leaving all the peach blossoms in the whole spring, and it is the swing between the great understanding and the big stack.

The mythical world is both rich and cold, so the mythical characters always look for a prop or partner to accompany each other. If the dragon does not spit the beads, there is no jade rabbit, Li Wei loses the green cow, and the old man is willing to let him down. If you ride a donkey or a scorpion, you will lose the fairy peach. Sun Wukong will pay back the golden hoop. The mythical figure really doesn’t know how to use his skills. If Jia Baoyu doesn’t have that piece of jade, he can only do it in the American fairy tale “Green Wild Emperor”. "Unintentional" Otis.

"People are not wood and stone, they can be ruthless." Those who say this can only see the appearance of things. The deep feelings of the wood and stone world are what our mortals can understand.


If you want to know diamonds, there are gems schools in the world, and there are certificates to prove your appraisal. But if you want to know jade, and do yourself quietly, and the skin is warm, the joints are exquisite, the eyes are bright. Cheek, the cohesiveness of the will, the clear smile of the laughter! Jade is me. The so-called civilization is actually the process of stone into jade, that is, the history page of "human beings" from the flesh and blood.

The Taoist family regards it as "Yinhai" and shoulders as the jade building. Would you like to come to the Xianjia Yulou Lianyun, and it is not as expensive as the shoulder blade that can bear the morality of the human shoulder? I love the extremes of jade, I am afraid that I just return to my own weight?

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