Knocking and hitting nails are combined with I-shaped, also known as cowboy deduction (also called I-shaped button), the English name Jeans Button, as the name suggests I-shaped deduction is mainly used in denim clothing, in addition to I-shaped deduction It is matched with some relatively thick or rough style fabrics, such as leather garments, down jackets, boots, purses, etc.

According to the summary analysis of China's button trading network, there are different categories of different types of methods.

According to whether the button surface of the I-button is hollow, it can be divided into a hollow I-shaped buckle and a solid I-shaped buckle. The appearance of the hollow I-shaped buckle makes the I-shaped buckle more three-dimensional, in line with people's pursuit of fashion trends.

Hollow I-shaped buckle picture

Fix it on the fabric to see if the button surface can rotate freely and shake relative to the button foot. You can shake the head and the fixing button. Compared to the fixed button, the feature of the shaking head and the button is to avoid the button. The buckle itself has a large volume and brings a sense of discomfort to the wearer, and it is also more convenient to unbuckle and buckle the other hand.

According to the bottom pin of the I-shaped buckle, it can be divided into double-needle I-shaped buckle and single-needle I-shaped buckle. Double stitches can make the buttons have higher attachment strength on the clothing.

Double needle buckle picture

Some of the buttonholes are set with diamonds on the surface, so there are points with drilled collars and without collars. Inlaid diamonds are usually imitation diamonds or gems, which are also numerous colors and shapes.

Drill with Idler Buckle Picture

According to whether the button surface is engraved or not, it is divided into lettering and non-lettering; it can also be divided according to the material: copper, iron, steel, alloy button, etc.; it can also be divided according to the color of the bronze, ancient Silver, imitation gold, double color deduction and so on.

As people's pursuit of fashion is changing with each passing day, it is believed that the types and forms of application of deduction will increase.

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