People's understanding of Hetian jade is always inferior to jade. Now, people who know jade are much more than people who know Hetian jade, and people have a lot of biases about Hetian jade. Today, Xiaobian summarizes the following points for everyone:


Jade seed

1. Hetian jade includes white jade, but white jade is not necessarily Hetian jade always has guests to bring a variety of white jade consultation, ask me if it is white jade, and this consulted jade is generally some Afghan jade, quartzite jade Wait for the low-end jade. Of course, these low-end jade can be called white jade, but they are certainly not Hetian jade. We should understand this way. If Hetian jade can be classified according to color: white jade, sapphire, jasper, topaz, jade, etc., but white jade does not necessarily mean Hetian jade. In many jade, only the color is white. Can be called white jade. So everyone should be careful about some merchants' word games when buying Hetian jade.


White jade

2. I am very concerned about the origin of Hetian jade. In the process of purchasing and enjoying the game, Tian Yu went into a misunderstanding. He paid too much attention to the origin of Hetian jade and ignored the material quality of Hetian jade, and used his energy in places that should not be used. From the national jade name standard, Hetian jade is named according to whether the main mineral component of jade is tremolite, not according to the area produced by jade. People may be because it is called Hetian jade, so it is especially important to distinguish whether this jade is produced in Xinjiang, and this is precisely a misunderstanding, let us miss a lot of good things. Hetian jade is produced in Xinjiang, Qinghai and Russia. The appearance characteristics of the jade produced in the three main areas will have some subtle differences and different characteristics, but they are definitely in line with the national standard of Hetian jade.


Mountain material

3. The seed material is better than the mountain material. Many people will rank Hetian jade in a good or bad position, seed material, mountain water material, mountain material. People think that the seed material must be better than the mountain material, but it is not. The seed material is jade raw material produced in the riverbed. It is better to be washed by the river than before the scouring, but not all the seed materials are very fine. The jade of some of the seed materials is not even as good as some mid-range mountain materials. So pick a good jade, we still have to learn to distinguish the pros and cons of jade with the naked eye.

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