1. Unused use does not buy

To put it bluntly, is it why you want to buy it? Have you bought it? Hanging around your neck as a jewelry? Send friends and family? Still a collection? Of course, as a general-grade jade hanging (flower) piece is not worth collecting, the general strength of the buyer can ignore this use. If you don't really think about it, don't buy it. It's the biggest waste to buy it.

2. No special features do not buy

In other words: Why do you want to buy this one instead of the other? How to choose jadeite should be a bit special, or good color, or good, or craftsmanship, or conceived with subtlety, or a novel theme. If the characteristics are not the same, like boiled water, it can only be solved for a while. Thirsty, can't stand the test of time.

3. The thickness is too thin to buy

Unless it is a high-color material, the ordinary jade hanging (flower) pieces are mostly made of scraps, and the core material of the bracelet is sufficient. If the thickness is very thin, it may be the trim of the trim. Light and fluttering, no play. One of my friends bought a lot of pendants with good water, but they were too small and inconspicuous.

4. Do not buy true or false

Don't underestimate the level of counterfeiting, for those who are cheap but perfect, can't tell the truth, look at the strange, can't provide the certificate (of course, sometimes the certificate can be faked), rather be criticized, not Believe in the truth, this kind of thing is now inevitable, and the idea of ​​buying it without selling it is unfortunate.

5. The evil does not buy

Color is actually very important for pendants, because the volume is small, the first thing you see is definitely color, and then it is the other. There are many kinds of colors, but the key is positive, green is green, yellow is yellow. For the time being, I don’t talk about value. It doesn’t matter if it’s shallow. After all, the price of high-color things is hard to accept. But at first glance, the color that is gray or strange is definitely not needed.

6. Do not buy too much impurities

Buying jade is still to see through, this is the most direct test method. Don't trust the seller's text description completely. It is best not to believe it at all. The impurities are more than the dirty jade, the value of the impact is not to say, there is no appetite when looking at it. Don't be superstitious about ice, it's good, the ice of the dirty sun is not good ice.

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