Yellow symbolizes the quiet, like the yellow MM are not bound, is said to have great cultural accomplishment. Vivid yellow, can give people visually bright pleasure, warm colors have the impulse to hug people. Store women can seize the psychological characteristics of people, understand the market trend, walk in the forefront of the market. Let's take a look at these two jackets, the same color, designers have added different elements, but it is a different range of children.


Zipper jacket is winter endorsement models clothing, we look together from the collar. Puff collar to create a beautiful princess Fan, the design of the belt is ingenuity, buckle embellishment a bit less monotonous. Slant inserted pocket generous fashion, the spirit of playful. Put on a stockings will be the United States and the United States to go out.

2013冬季 就爱穿温暖明亮的荧光黄

This fluorescent yellow long jacket in the sunshine, bright and moving. After adding the white plush more pure and gentle. In such a season, there is little fresh breath so filled.

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