At 19 o'clock on October 25, 2013, the pearl beijing of Ningbo Hefeng Creative Square was a focus of attention. Organized by the Ningbo International Fashion Festival Organizing Committee, the "China-UK Undergraduate Collaborative Innovation Original Design" organized by the Ningbo Economic and Information Technology Committee, the Ningbo Clothing Association, the Zhejiang Textile and Apparel Vocational College, the British Consulate Cultural Exchange Division and the international menswear brand INTREX The "Legend" of the conference and the INTEXX 2014's Spring/Fashion Fashion Show opened the curtain.

The "Legend" of China-UK Undergraduate Original Design Conference and INREEX 2014's Fashion Show

"The legendary press conference"

INTREX is a perfect combination of domestic senior costumes and London fashion masters. It is a menswear brand with international inclusiveness and aesthetic standards created by the Chinese and British fashion industry. The brand is made up of international diversified design teams composed of top fashion designers from the UK and cutting-edge designers graduating from China's major universities. Creative Director Sanjeev Davidson is one of the leading retail clothing brand consultants in the UK and the founder and director of "London Fashion Consultancy". The company gathered a number of creative experts, and continuously provided INTREX with unique and creative business services and solutions.

After the signing of the China-UK Undergraduate Collaborative Innovation Project on May 17th this year, INTREX has also become the practice base for international students studying at the Zhejiang Institute of Garments and Textiles in China. It has welcomed several batches of interns from various famous universities in Europe in half a year. The exchanges and innovations between the universities, enterprises, and China and the UK have jointly created INTREX's original DNA.

The "legendary" conference shows the Zhejiang University of Textile and Apparel Technology Co., Ltd. and United Kingdom University of Manchester, University of Northampton, University of Solford, etc., to carry out an original design clothing based on the "INTREX" brand of Chinese and British college students. works.

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