The first step is OTC date. The second step is to calculate the number of sales weeks based on the date of the over-the-counter, that is, the number of weeks until the goods have been on the counter for sale, and then divide the total number of sales by the sales week to calculate the average weekly sales of the goods . The third step, using the quantity of stock divided by the average number of sales per week, yields the remaining inventory sales week. The remaining inventory sales weekly values ​​indicate that the remaining inventory is still selling for a few weeks. With a reference to the weekly value of the remaining inventory, it is easy to analyze whether there is a need for replenishment, how many quantities need to be replenished, and whether additional orders can be made according to the replenishment rate at the factory or supplier. Simple to give an example, on January 20 sales of a winter childrens package 130 yards, sold 40 sets, the number of stocks 20 sets, the cabinet date is December 20, so sales week is 4 weeks, calculate The average number of weekly sales: 40/4 = 10 sets, the remaining inventory sales weeks for the 20/10 = 2 weeks, so that there can be data-based replenishment. This method is a practical and easy way to run a children's clothing store, which is worth promoting. Many shop owners, in the purchase, replenishment, mostly by feeling, because the store for the health of the cash flow requirements are very high, so if blind replenishment of the stock, it is bound to cause pressure on the operation of children's clothing store, so Good data analysis for the shop owner is very important. It should be noted here that the initial sales of new goods often are not stable. Generally speaking, the best time to observe the sales and decide whether to make up a bill should generally be two weeks after the listing of new products. The values ​​reflected in this period of time will tend to be stable and representative. If there is no other factors, then the data can be used as a replenishment reference. How to deal with off-season - the best word is four words: "small steps away," the reason why the off-season peak season, not because of the climate, but because of people. New Year's Day every year, the Spring Festival, May Day, the National Day, Mid-Autumn Festival, the weekend business is better, in fact, as long as you pay attention to observation, this time to buy things, are ordinary people mostly; shopping in non-holidays are more stressful life Of course, the elderly do not rule out the retired people go to the supermarket every day to buy daily necessities. Clothing business is the same, in ordinary days to buy jewelry, people are relatively well-off life, these people shopping features to buy, as long as their own favorite, the off-season mainly is to do these people's business. So keep a new listing every week, is very important, of course, replenishment or to be carefully selected, off-season sales decline, the relative reduction of purchase; weekly new products, which is the most fundamental requirements of the apparel business. The off-season business is due to the decline in the purchasing power of ordinary people, but the purchasing power of the rich has not declined, the off-season is mainly to do the rich business, the peak season is to do all the business people together. Off-season to reduce the purchase, but must not reduce the purchase frequency. High season is our happiest time. Almost into what to sell what, how to deal with the peak season - also the word: "striding meteor", the most afraid of out of stock season, at least once a week, the frequency of replenishment requirements, to increase the volume of each replenishment; Off-season people over, afraid of Yahuo, not replenishment, this will lose the golden opportunity to make money; peak season is what people's business must do, but also what the goods can sell the season. A common law is: season off-season dare not replenishment, after season off-season replenishment. Seasonal goods are explosive sales, easy to sell a lot of selling one day, not when selling price cuts no one wants. Seasonal goods are most afraid of laxity; if the operation is wrong, the front is earned behind loss. In fact, it is also four words: "go fast", come fast, go fast, a variety of options, full display. The classic for seasonal products comes in first two months before the season arrives and the first two months before the season ends. You will find New Year's Day, the day is still cold, and some stores have sunglasses; the Mid-Autumn Festival, the days are hot, some shops have gloves scarves. In short: off-season - small steps away, the peak season - striding meteor, seasonal - first go faster! Share children's story in the Mummy Star brand children's clothing Company Name: Dongguan City, Jurchen Clothing Co., Ltd Wealth Hotline: Address: Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, Shijie Zhen Dan Gui Road 23 Jurong Building

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