Autumn and winter, warm clothes become our most important issue, then how to dress warm and thin effect? Winter woolen jacket was thin to wear, classic style to create a warm and thin dress, fashion style with a lot of extra points for your winter oh.

珂珀 - coopool

Photo credit: Cooper- coopool women's 2013 autumn and winter new

The arrival of winter, a lot of MM are looking for the warm and thin style, unwilling to put their good figure is down to the bloated to obliterate it, then look under it dress coat, that was thin and stylish style, yet Jacket style jacket than the more self-cultivation, color stitching style, lower body with leggings on it, the winter perfect body is still the same.

呢子外套显瘦穿搭 经典又保暖外套搭配

Long section of the woolen cloth wear out of the sense of the wind, take the baroque style coat, bright color wrap skirt embellishment, which shortened style set off a long section of woolen jacket, it is very tall and tall Oh, autumn and winter never do not fall jacket Heavy feeling and bound. Woolen jackets pierced sexy body.

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