A cold air already ready to go, and will be strong login next week. Under such circumstances, you are calm or nervous performance. Calm friends must have been ready for the winter warm artifact, I believe nervous friends must be "empty-handed" it! Xiaobian today to come to "empty-handed" handsome guy brought benefits, the weather should be so worn, Amadeus men to help you create a warm man fan! What is the most handsome mature representative? Needless to say, of course, coat coats. Men tend to like some dark colors, a wine red and a black are fully demonstrated a thick masculine. Red wine, then the lower body should be equipped with darker, while the black, then choose bright brown color is also very good. With the Department of scarves, filling the temperament. Of course, the weather is still cold day by day, but also the warm down jacket. Simple khaki gives a very gentleman's feeling, horns buckle design, but also increased the number of casual lazy Fan, take the cartoon bottoming shirt with a wild jeans, men Van, the full trend of temperament. Picture credit: Amadeus Men

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