Habit, habit is terrible, you may be used to the same thing, it is difficult to change, although it can be changed, but you waste time, maybe you are accustomed to a dress, then you will be such a dress, but now the apparel industry The new rise of the era, you only pursue a kind of wear that would be too out, however, Xiaobian also often like to wear the shirt with the main, but this time we have to change ideas to pants with the benchmark.


Classic story womens khaki wide leg pants collocation, wide leg pants this version has been popular by the public, whether it is seasons, there will be spring and autumn and winter, and version of the style can be acceptable, but also very thin, classic Story womens khaki wide leg pants with white turtleneck coat + color long coat, this effect is very good.

卡其色裤子配什么颜色好看 卡其色阔腿裤搭配

Khaki wide leg pants can also be combined with a flower gray woolen coat, gray is also more popular this year, from obscurity to match the color to the main colors, it also became a master, classic story womens khaki wide leg pants style with white Shirt + gray woolen coat, classic and patience, tall How can you miss it?

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