Pursuit of perfection, advocating elegance, romance thousands of women's brand has always been warmly welcomed by consumers, because consumers love is a brand motivation, so thousands of women's brand also by virtue of their own efforts and strength to bring more time and again Surprise, this Thousands of Hui brand women's store opened in Taiping Zhen, Suzhou, where we congratulate thousands of women's new store opened, the business is booming!



Thousands Baihui brand has a pragmatic philosophy, excellent design team, a good corporate image, sound management, keen market sense, efficient logistics support and professional after-sales service. Of course, the most important consumer recognition, so thousands of women's clothing is the franchisee most worthy of investment brand.



The Thousands of Hui brand women's Taiping Town, Suzhou new store opened more thousands of Hui summer new arrival, into fashion popular elements, so you always walk in the forefront of fashion, feel the quality of the unique and unique style to bring you more The same surprise experience, the beauty of ladies to thousands of women's clothing shop it.

Feather Sequins Embroidery Fabric

The feathers were nailed on by hand in order to give a sense of depth.Afther that,the designs look more fashion and stereoscopic.

For example,blow Hand-made Feather Sequins Embroidery Fabric

Feather Sequin Embroidery Fabric

The products is in soft handfeeling and suitable for children dress.evening party dress .garment dress etc which are shipped to American.European and Turkey etc.It's really popular in the market.

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