Change the season to change clothes, working men in the summer will often choose a white shirt with a black suit pants, it is more formal more calm. However, in the fall, if the company does not require the clothing, may wish to choose warm-colored clothing, the same can show your mature temperament. Fall men's casual business wear, XEZO brand men must be your food! Business with the shirt and shirt, a striped shirt, ranging in thickness, it is more three-dimensional, more special. With a wine red slacks, showing you a very masculine side. Jacket fabric can choose to choose, this coat with a hat, yet dignified yet with a sense of casual fashion! The same is a very business model with. Slightly tidal fashion sense of bright plaid shirt, the shirt into the pants, revealing the belt, it is more refined and has a manly flavor! Put on a burgundy jacket, a small collar of the handsome is even more people could not afford to live. Put on a casual briefcase, fashion and mature charm! Photo credit: XEZO Men's clothing

FR Pants

If you work potential risk fire environmental, you`ll know just how important FR Suits,FR Jackets,FR Shirts,FR Pants is to help you fulfil your job role effectively and remain safe while you are doing it. The FR pants are made from domestic fine chlorine fiber or Protex fiber, adding certain proportion of other flame retardant fiber, conductive fiber and long-staple cotton.The mens FR pants with side pockets are soft and elastic, fluffy and hairy, good in keeping warm and flame-retardant affect.FR pants fabric has permanent flame retardant, breathable moisture, moisture absorption and perspiration, feel soft and comfortable, FR pants with six side pockets are convenient for workers,which can put variety of tools and easy to hold tools. FR pants has many advantages such as abrasion resistance and good strength.FR pants has excellent flame-retardant,hand feel softness and no harmful substances.High tenacity,durable to use.Outstanding resistance to chemicals and solvents and are non-allergic.

Fr Pants,Safety Pants,Fr Work Pants,Fireproof Pants

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