Pose Cube , in the realization of the general underwear basic functions of the above, especially with more advanced care, body sculpting effect, and ordinary materials of different traditional underwear, pose cubic brand products using the world's leading high-tech materials liposuction and collagen fibers refined and functional Aleft Into the daily wear, can continue to release RY composite life wave, continue to deliver more energy to the body, promote blood circulation, speed up the body's internal flow of fat tissue, adsorption and fixation of free fat, correct posture, create the perfect body .


Cube 2012 autumn and winter models

姿立方2012秋冬款内衣 健康舒适美成功打造

Cube 2012 autumn and winter models

Dealer qualification confirmation:

1, economic units and individuals with complete legal responsibility;
2, with strong economic strength, holding a certain amount of investment funds, including the purchase price, deposit, promotional items costs, have a good business reputation and good local contacts;
3, with strong sales experience in underwear or apparel sales operations, a deeper understanding of the relevant industry areas;
4, with strong brand awareness and market management capabilities;
5, agree with "posture cubic" brand operating philosophy;
6, familiar with the local market, with distribution capabilities, the perfect distribution network and a good marketing team.

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