The weather is damp, the towels are consumed very quickly, it is easy to become sticky, and the smell is strange. How can I extend the life of a towel in the rainy days? The sales staff of the high-end towel brand teaches us the following tips--

Q: I have washed towels every day. Why is the towel so easy to use?

A: The fabric structure of the towel is very loose, and bacteria are easy to breed inside. The towel has a certain thickness. It takes a certain time to dry the towel. It takes a longer time to get wet. During this time, the bacteria can multiply in the towel, and the so-called towel sticking phenomenon appears.

We southerners are used to "wet" towels. In fact, using a wet towel to rub back and forth on the skin will not only make the skin easy to produce wrinkles, but also the cortical debris that the body has fallen off easily enters the middle of the towel coil, becoming the food of bacteria and mites fed in the towel, but it is not clean.

Q: How can I make the towel more durable?

A: In fact, dry towels are a healthy way to use many towel professional brands, and at the same time make towels more durable. Dry the towel, that is, when washing your face or taking a bath, wash it off with shower gel and water, then dry it with a dry towel. Because the towel is dry and clean, it doesn't have to be cleaned every day. It can be cleaned the next day.

When washing the towel, you can wash it by hand or put it into the washing machine, but do not use softener. This will make the surface of the towel fiber adhere to the grease and reduce the water absorption of the towel. Do not use detergent containing bleach or whitening agent. Will make the towel hard.

To make the towel clean, you can also disinfect it regularly, including microwave disinfection (adding water to the container, heating it in a microwave oven for 5 minutes), autoclaving (heating with a pressure cooker for about 30 minutes), and chemical disinfection. (Dry the disinfectant for 200 minutes by diluting 200 times, then clean the disinfectant). It is best to dry the towel at a moderate temperature before use.

Towels that are well maintained should also be replaced regularly, usually within 3-4 months.

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