Tatsuya rock only concerned about the grade, do not pay attention to age. Tatsuya rock is natural, romantic, intellectual, self, fashion art and fashion, is to comfort the hearts of modern urban poetic homes, is art, for life. Designed for all modern intellectual women who love urban life, longing for pastoral mood, artistic complex and poetic sentiment, elegant taste and outstanding talent.

Reusable up to 5 times before the adhesive loses its stick power. After which you can continue to use them by holding them in place.

Easy to use with our Waterbased Face Paint. Simply dab paint over a stencil with a sponge or Face Paint brush.

Plastic Face Paint Stencils Ideal for any event with designs for Halloween, Birthdays, Boys, Girls, Christmas, Easter, Festivals and any occasion you can think of

Reusable Face Paint Stencils

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