Pearl is an ancient organic gemstone produced in pearl shellfish and mother-of-pearl mollusks. It is produced by endocrine action. The pearl contains calcium carbonate, calcium oxide, calcium phosphate, calcium sulfate and magnesium, manganese, copper and iodine. Phosphorus, antimony, lead, sodium, potassium and other elements and more than a dozen amino acids are composed of a large number of tiny aragonite crystals.

Seawater pearls have the effects of calming the nerves, clearing away heat and yin, clearing the eyes and detoxifying, and closing the muscles. Especially during menstruation, menopause, irritability and irritability, wearing a pearl necklace can play a better regulation, mitigation, but also prevent chronic pharyngitis and thyroid, while making the skin extraordinarily smooth and delicate, gently massage the skin with pearls in the morning and evening. There are also skin care, beauty and anti-spotting effects!

Woolen Cashmere Yarn is coarser, and the yarn count is lower, generally from 14 to 32. Most woolen cashmere products produce with 12 knitting machine, and some also use 9, 5 and 7 needles knitting machine to produce. Fine woolen cashmere yarn is the inevitable requirement of cashmere products. the Cashmere is soft, delicate, comfortable and with the good warmth retention property, its products are the symbol of high-grade and the development direction of  
Cashmere products and the grade of the product depend on the thickness and quality of yarn. The woolen cashmere yarn velvets is strong and the woven surface have no obvious visual defect. At present, the woolen cashmere products market share more than worsted and semi-worsted cashmere products.  It means woolen cashmere styles are more likely to be accepted by the market. Its technological process is choosing raw material, dyeing, drying, and brushed, refueling, combing, spinning, winding, and lines, double twist.

Woolen Cashmere Knitted and Woven Yarn

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