It is not unusual for the company to stipulate that it can't be late and can't fall in love. But you have heard that there are companies that have “interference” in the marriage life of employees, and stipulate that they must leave if they are divorced. Recently, a supplementary regulation issued by a jewelry company in Shenzhen has made all employees “stunned”. According to the regulations, all divorcees are expelled! Anyone who has an extramarital affair is fired! All those who support the small three, fired! Those who do not check the style of life, fired!

The reporter learned that after the introduction of the regulations, the employees of the company reacted differently. In addition to the support, some employees thought it was pure speculation, and some employees thought it was interference with private feelings. In response to an interview, the jewelry company said that they introduced this regulation in order to promote the corporate culture of "loyalty to love, family harmony." At the same time, it also said that the regulations are not a joke. If there are employees who are really divorced, derailed, supportive, and extramarital affairs, whether they are leaders or ordinary employees, they will be expelled according to regulations.

“Divorce is leaving” requires employees to be “four no” newcomers

The announcement of the divorce and resignation of this jewelry company in Shenzhen is also a supplementary provision for internal employee management issued by the company. The reporter saw that the date of the promulgation was November 6th. In addition to the provisions of the stipulations, in addition to the provisions of the divorce, all those who have extramarital affairs, those who support the small three, those who do not check the style of life, but also made some points Supplementary explanation, I hope that all employees of the company take the precautions, establish the correct values ​​of marriage and love, maintain the lifestyle of "protecting the family, loyal to love", and do a "four nos without divorce, no derailment, no small three, no marital affairs" "Newcomer.

"Our company's brand culture is a marriage and love culture. The specific content is romantic loyalty, tolerance and mutual love; the same boat, the wind and the boat, the old-fashioned, happy life, this is our corporate culture." Miss Xue, the marketing planning director of the jewelry company planning department In an interview with the reporter, he said.

The relevant person in charge of this jewelry company also responded to this reporter's interview and said that their introduction of this regulation is not hype, and they have never intended to publicize it. "After the regulations were issued, we immediately held meetings in various departments within the company. The news was spread through our employees." Miss Xue said.

It is easy to enforce and difficult to implement: divorce is easier to obtain evidence of extramarital affairs. How do you know?

"After the introduction of this regulation, it also caused an uproar in the company, and everyone talked about it." An employee of the jewelry company told reporters that "some employees think this is an interference in private life; some employees think this is hype. I am scornful. Some old employees are not surprised at the introduction of this regulation."

In addition, many employees have also made a big question mark on how to implement the rules. “If divorced employees are more likely to obtain evidence, then how can leaders know if employees have extramarital affairs? Do you encourage everyone to report each other?” said Zhang Xiao, a company employee. "We have also considered this issue, and ultimately rely on everyone's conscious and mutual supervision." Miss Xue said: "The meaning of drunkenness is not in the wine." The company introduced this rule not to punish employees, but to constrain employees with the system. The behavior allows employees to establish a correct concept of marriage and love, and better integrate into the corporate culture. On the other hand, we also hope that employees can assume responsibility for marriage and family, that the family is stable, and that the cause can develop better, and it has also benefited the company for a long time. ”

Miss Xue said that this regulation has been implemented for more than a month, and no employees have been found to have violated the regulations.

Lawyer's statement: This rule is invalid in the legal sense

Zhang Jian, a practicing lawyer who has long-term representation of marriage disputes, said that according to the relevant provisions of Chinese laws, citizens have freedom of marriage and freedom of love. Whether they are married or divorced, citizens have full autonomy and are not subject to interference by others.

“Even if the extramarital affairs are moral, the employer has no right to interfere and make restrictive regulations.” Zhang Jian said, “Therefore, there is no legal basis for this supplementary provision made by the company, even The laborer and the employer have reached any form of agreement or agreement, and the laborer can claim that the agreement is invalid."

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