Emerald raw material prices are polarized during the year “From the source, the prices of medium and low-grade jadeite that ordinary consumers can afford this year have already fallen by more than 50%, but this price is still watery and can be squeezed again. The price changes will gradually be felt in the Beijing market. ."

At the China Jewelry Industry Conference held recently, Sun Fengmin, the secretary-general of the China Jewellery and Gemstone Jewelry Industry Association, broke through the strange phenomenon of the Chinese jewelery and jade market. The price of the huge inventory of medium- and low-grade jade has skyrocketed in recent years. Year-on-year gains were even 10 times, and huge stocks could not be digested by the market in the next three to five years. Jadeite prices went down and gradually returned to rationality.

Sun Fengmin said that at present, China's jade market presents a pattern of “two small, medium-large”, that is, neither the raw material stock of the source mine nor the jadeite finished product of the terminal consumer, a large amount of inventory is in the hands of circulation operators. These low-end jades cannot be digested within three to five years.

He said that the top high-end jadeite prices will remain firm and will continue to rise, but the mid- and low-end jadeite with huge inventories is inflated in recent years. Although this year has fallen by more than 50%, the price has not returned to a reasonable range. He believes that pearls, which have maintained their prices for many years, will probably be sold to the market next year. "Although the value of investment is not high due to aquaculture, large production, but as jewelry, pearls don't pick skin color, face shape, and clothing when worn, with all-purpose characteristics. In the context of years of gold, diamonds, and jade, the next year pearls It is very likely that the market will be optimistic."

One reason why Sun Fengmin thinks that the price of jadeite is so high is that the jadeite production is huge. The difference in quality between high and low varieties is too wide, and ordinary people cannot distinguish between them. "It is the idea that jade is valuable," he said. He said.

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