Core Tip: The aging of the internal power cord of the electric blanket is not visible on the outside, so it will not be used. If you buy it for 6 years, you must change it.

In the cold winter, electric blankets are a must-have for many families. However, every year, accidents such as burns and fires are caused by unsafe use of electric blankets. Recently, a microblog of "electric blankets for up to 6 years, most people do not know" has attracted a lot of attention. Obviously, there are many misunderstandings when consumers use electric blankets. Chen Gang, deputy secretary-general of the China Household Electrical Appliances Association, reminded consumers that electric blankets are “close-fitting” appliances, and should pay special attention to the following points when using them.

It can only be used for up to 6 years. On December 1, 2008, the special requirements for electric blankets, electric heating pads and similar flexible heating appliances that the state began to implement stipulate that the safe use life of electric blankets is 6 years from the date of production. Chen Gang told the reporter of Life Times: "The aging of the internal power cord of the electric blanket is not visible on the outside, so it doesn't matter if it is useless. If you buy it back for 6 years, you must change it." Otherwise, once the power cord is aging and cracking, Light people will burn people, burn, and serious fires.

Check carefully before use. Before using the electric blanket for the first time, carefully check the electric blanket. If the surface, power cord, thermostat and plug are damaged or loose, the surface of the blanket is blackened. After the power is applied, the electric blanket is not hot or only partially heated, indicating that the electric blanket may be If it is faulty, stop using it immediately.

It must be flattened when used. Electric blankets should be laid flat on the bed and should not be folded to avoid local overheating. In particular, the linear electric blanket is preferably laid flat on a hard bed, and should not be used on a soft bed such as a Simmons bed. Otherwise, the heating wire is easily deformed or broken, causing electric shock and fire. When storing, do not curl or press under other heavy objects, and gently stack them in a dry and ventilated place.

The top layer is covered with thin braids. Electric blankets are best not to be in direct contact with the skin. A layer of towel, sheets or tweezers on the electric blanket is not only more comfortable, but also avoids burns. However, it should not be used under thick rafters to prevent burning of components, fire, etc. Also do not use it with a hot water bottle to prevent the heat of the hot water bottle from accelerating the aging of the insulation layer and shortening the service life of the electric blanket.

Electric blankets are afraid of humidity. If the electric blanket is dirty, use a dry rag or a soft brush to clean the stains. Never use your hands or put them in the washing machine. When using electric blankets for children, the elderly, and patients, it is necessary to prevent the bedclothes or sweat from getting wet on the electric blanket, causing the electric heating line to be short-circuited. If the electric blanket is accidentally wet or damp, it should be dried in time and checked for safety before use.

It is best to buy a temperature-controlled product. The price of electric blankets ranges from tens of yuan to several hundred dollars. Chen Gang suggested that you must go to the formal channel to buy, do not go to the roadside stall to buy low-cost, quality-guaranteed products; second, see the manufacturer's name, address, telephone, production license mark, product manual, use period before purchase Whether the information is complete. In addition, Chen Gang introduced that many electric blankets can automatically control the temperature, and when they are heated to a certain temperature, they can be powered off and kept warm. Some products can also be controlled locally. For example, the temperature of the feet can be set slightly higher. Such products are relatively safer and have a higher level of comfort. If it is not temperature-controlled, it should be warmed up 30 minutes before going to sleep. When you go to sleep, disconnect the power supply. Do not heat for more than 2 hours.

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