After than the use of three-needle sewing process, smoothing back fat, textile than the bit deformation, the back lines more symmetrical perfect; middle and low chicken heart design, bearing power, side thrust balance, the chest is more three-dimensional sense; 3/4 Thick cup type natural, chest full plump sense.


3/4 in the mold cup, natural rounded, brightly colored embroidery printed fabric, showing a lively and beautiful youthful sense; side than the unique design of cross-ribbon, highlighting the romantic romance of women, more fashion; Support the chest, raise the chest line, so that the breast is more arrogant; suitable for the petite women wearing the chest.

贵夫人品牌内衣  致力于美丽女性一生的事业

" Gui lady " brand has a long history, adhering to the five thousand years of Chinese culture, dedicated to the career of a beautiful woman. Design style to oriental women unique luxury, elegant; with Europe and the United States popular cutting-edge fashion, sexy; to grasp the latest trends, leading the fashion industry underwear trend! The "expensive lady" brand, with noble, romantic, elegant product style, become the darling of the majority of women.

Our company is factory in China.We can do customs bracelet.The bracelets in our company are made of 316L stainless steel with genuine leather, such as cow leather, snake leather and stingray skin. It`s real custom leather bracelets.And we have cotton rope, nylon rope, ware rope, silica gel rope with many colors to choose. We also accept custom, we can produce the item as your requirements.

Magnet Clasp bracelet is made of stainless steel clasp with strong magnet stone.Bead bracelets are composed of different stones, it's real natural stone, tiger eye, crystal, agate, lava, malachite etc.There is another material bracelet, it's copper with CZ ball. which is a trendy design for woman.

Custom Bracelet

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