The correct method of using the towel is to learn how to hold the baby. The novice parents should also know how to use the towel correctly. Because of the correct method of packaging, the baby can feel comfortable and secure. When the mother is holding the baby, the baby will not feel uncomfortable.

1. Why do you want to wrap your baby's hands, feet and body together?

The main purpose of this is to mimic the baby's environment in the womb and increase the baby's sense of security. When the baby is still in the womb, if the baby is scared, the hands and feet may be twitched because of the shock, but because the size of the uterus is limited, the baby's hands and feet will always touch the uterine wall, and the baby has long been accustomed to this narrow range. Surrounded by a sense of security, so when the baby is born, in order to continue this feeling, it will create a similar environment to reduce the baby's sense of insecurity.

2. How to use the towel?

Preparation: Large towel or bath towel 1 Step 1: Fold the large towel 1/4.

Step 2: Fold a triangle down on the left side.

Step 3: Place the baby flat on the towel. The top of the towel should be at the junction of the baby's head and neck.

Step 4: Close the baby's arm, and the right corner of the towel to the left, first fold a small triangle.

Step 5: Fold the remaining towel on the right side to the left.

Step 6: Put the towel behind the baby's body.

Step 7: Fold the towel underneath so that the towel covers the baby's neck.

Step 8: Fold the towel on the left to the right.

Step 9: Finally, fold the towel below to the right and fold it up.

How to adjust your baby's sleeping position?

Preparation: towel 2 steps 1: Roll a towel into a tube.

Step 2: The other towel is rolled into a tube in the opposite direction, but leave a little space in the middle of the towel. Do not roll it all up.

Step 3: Let the baby lie in the rolled towel roll in step 2. The rolled up part on both sides can help the baby's body stay sideways and not skewed.

Step 4: Place the rolled towel roll in step 1 on the baby's back so that the baby's small body can be fully supported.


1, the size of the towel roll does not need to be too deliberate, as long as it is suitable for the baby's body length, can achieve the support effect.

2, if you want to keep your baby to sleep, do not move, you can also use the towel roll to fix on the baby's body, so that the baby's small body will not move.

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