The English name of Amethyst is Amethyst, which is derived from Greek and means “not easily broken. Chemical composition SiO2.

The color of amethyst has long been considered to be caused by the incorporation of high-priced iron or manganese, titanium and other pigment elements; but when heated to 240 ~ 270 °C, the purple color will fade to yellow brown, brown; and after the roentgen radiation can be restored There is purple, so some people think that it is an optical phenomenon caused by some defect in the internal atomic arrangement state.

Synthetic amethyst, its color is uniform, does not contain gas-liquid inclusions; natural amethyst color distribution is uneven, showing irregular sheet-like distribution, and often contains gas-liquid inclusions.

The most valuable color of Amethyst is dark purple to purple. Because of its beautiful purple color, it has always been the most popular jade variety, and has the reputation of "King of Jade". The international gem world has designated Amethyst as the "February Birthstone". In addition to its elegant color, the ancients believed that Amethyst could promote mutual understanding, treat each other with sincerity, protect people's good luck, be safe, and be able to resist infectious diseases and suppress evil. Amethyst has the reputation of "honest stone".

Amethyst is an important member of the Crystal Family. She is noble, elegant and solemn, and was chosen as the birthstone of February. In addition, amethyst is still a commemorative gem for the 17th anniversary of marriage. The reason is that the marital relationship of this period is more prone to cracks due to the heavy burden of life. The purpose of giving amethyst jewelry is to remind the other party: Be especially vigilant about "the temptation of the devil." In Europe and America, amethyst is also the commemorative gem of the 20th birthday, the birth stone of Aquarius.

Amethyst pharmacological effects: 1, amethyst can play a health role in the throat, eyes, skin.

2, amethyst is also a social stone, but this side refers to the social is not like the popularity brought by the powder crystal, but the introverted heart and attract the edge, often wear to help the frequent encounter with the noble, increase wit To improve intuition and subconsciousness.

3, in addition to eliminating insomnia and increasing sleep quality, amethyst can also promote cell activity of the cerebellum, right brain and central nervous system.

4. When the chiefs of supervisors or superiors should wear more amethyst jewelry, they can eliminate domineering, bring extravagance, strengthen tolerance and tolerance, and are the crystals that are most conducive to leadership reign, and can also be subordinated to the subordinates. You have to pay for your life and have the meaning of "because of your wealth" in Chinese Feng Shui.

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